Full Range Of Results Oriented Services


Customized Renewal Facial

Beautiful healthy and youthful skin starts with well cleansed skin. In all our facials, we use the finest, advanced performance skin care products. Leaves skin healthier and radiant. Promotes natural balance of the skin. 30/60 Minutes
$ 55 / 80


Professional care for acne, oily and congested skin. Pure fruit enzymes dissolve excess skin cell buildup, cools the skin and reduces redness immediately upon contact. A great treatment for men with shaving irritations and ingrown hairs. 60 Minutes
$ 88


Cools the skin. Increases skin dynamics “instant glow” to soothe redness or acne. Tones and increases visible hydration of the skin. Provides excellent results on couperosis, hyper reactive skin and skin atony. 90 minutes
$ 100

Collagen Wrinkle Repair

For dry skin. Restores balance to skin’s moisture level. Exfoliates skin, perfectly moisturizes, softens lines and wrinkles, smooths and relaxes face. Provides outstanding results in terms of scar treatment. 45/90 Minutes
$ 70 / 100


An exceptional treatment for tired, stressed skin that deep cleanses, revitalizes and generates a “lifting” effect. Moisturizes and firms the skin while providing a healthy glow to your complexion. 45/90 Minutes
$ 70 / 100


Protects the skin from the negative effects of free radicals. Your skin is infuse with 100% Vitamin C and antioxidants by stimulating collagen, increasing elasticity and suppleness reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 45/90 Minutes
$ 70 / 100

AHA Revolutionary Treatment

Reduces signs of aging. Evens out the complexion. Controls problematic skin and moisturizes. Skin is energized and complexion clear. Results best achieved with a series of six treatments. 60 Minutes
$ 100


Treats: Aging and sun-damaged skin, some types of acne scarring, altered pigmentation, stretch marks, fine lines and enlarged/clogged pores.
$ 150

Eye and Lip Contour

Anti-aging treatment drains and moisturizes to soften fine lines. Reduces puffiness, leaving the eye and lip area refreshed and toned. May be added to any of our facial treatments. 30 Minutes
$ 35


Low Level Light Therapy - The application of light energy to the body to treat acne, wrinkles, arthritic pain and muscle spasms.
$ 30


$ 13

Eye Brow

$ 16

Brazilian Wax

$ 65+

Chin or Neck

$ 20

Full Face

$ 45


$ 35

Half Legs & Bikini

$ 80


$ 55

Full Legs

$ 75

Half Legs or Arms

$ 55

Full Arms & Hands

$ 65

Back or Chest

$ 70

Cleanse and Style

w/Trim $58
w/New Cut (begins at) $70+
w/Updo (begins at) $70+
$ 53

Flat Iron Press

$ 50+

Rod Set

$ 70

Straw Set

$ 65+


$ 20

Relaxer Touch-Up

$ 95

Full/Virgin Relaxer

$ 100


$ 45+

Demi Color

$ 100

Foil Highlights

$ 105+

Semi-Permanent Color

$ 83

Permanent Color

$ 95


$ 90+

Keratin Treatment

$ 150+

Customized Conditioning Treatments

$ 5-10+

Hair Bonding and Weaving

Consultation Required

Trichology is the scientific study of Hair and Scalp disorders.

Contact for pricing

Trichology services available only after consultation

Customized therapies designed to address hair loss and scalp concerns.

  • Hair Loss and Hair Thinning
  • Flaking, Scaly Scalp Disorders
  • Hair Breakage
  • Male and Female Androgenic Hair Loss
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Your skin is constantly at work, most of the time without your awareness. As your body's largest organ, it guards your muscles, bones, ligaments, and internal organs, all while helping your body detoxify on a daily basis. Dry brushing is a fast and effective way to remove toxins, shed dead skin cells, boost circulation, and much more.

Back Facial

$ 55

Leg & Foot Treatment

$ 40

Arm & Hand Treatment

$ 40

Full Body Dry Brushing

$ 55


$ 12 per session